How to disable the keyboard popup in PowerApps

By March 3, 2018March 9th, 2018SharePoint

Delivering a great user experience to end users is one of the most important outcomes that can assist in the adoption of any new product, system or process. One little quirk that arose with a PowerApp being delivered to a customer was that when interacting with drop downs on mobile devices.

A bit of background first, Office 365 Group connected Team Sites are being used with external user access to provide a central location for the organisation and it’s clients to come together to share, collaborate and deliver the required documentation and other related assets. One of the type of assets being distributed are site images.

What this PowerApp is doing is allowing staff that are onsite, to select the site based on a category, use their camera on their device or select from the camera roll then complete a form to assign meta data that is connected from the SharePoint Image Library. You could say that it is transforming they way they work.

But one of the little user experience quirks that was found was that there were a couple of fields that were connected to a SharePoint choice column and in the PowerApps UI this is presented as a drop down list. What was happening was that when tapping on the drop down to select a value the keyboard on the mobile device was popping up. This was resulting in not a great user experience. All that was required was that the user select from the list.

The reason this was happening was that there is a setting in the properties on the choices card in PowerApps called “Allow searching”. When this is enabled the users cursor enters the drop down list and allows a user to type, hence the keyboard pops up.

Disable this setting and the Choice drop down then acts as expected and the keyboard does not pop up. Better user experience.

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