Getting things done with Konal Thakker – Episode 3 of 3 Reflect – Keeping things all fresh and functional.

The idea with this whole method of workflow management is not to let your brain become lax, but rather to enable it to be free to experience more elegant, productive, and creative activity. In episode 1 we took a look at GTD at a high level, then dove into the first step of Capturing.

The second episode we took a look at Clarifying and Organising everything that we captured and now we come to the final 2 stages of GTD and getting us to “stress free productivity” the Reflect and Engage steps…

Some topics that we convered here were:

  • What do we look at and when ?
  • What is the order, is there a best practise ?
  • Updating your system – how important this is and why ?
  • The weekly review – what is it all about and what activities are we doing ?
  • What is the right time and place for a weekly review ?

We then also outline these three priority frameworks for deciding actions:

  • What is the Four-Criteria Model for choosing actions in the moment?
  • The threefold model for evaluating daily work
  • The six level model for reviewing your own work

Hope it brings you some value

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