In this episode I speak with Dux Raymond Sy, Chief Brand Officer at AvePoint, Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director and we discuss so many different topics in this episode.

Dux is an expert in Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Viva and also Personal Branding many many many years of experience, so for me this was a really valuable discussion. I have watched, read and listended to Dux for a long time and really value his insights.

I really enjoyed listening to Dux’s insights into Microsoft Viva being the new business graph and also how Viva Connections is becoming the Next Generation Intranet. We also discussed how AvePoint rolled out Vival Connections and shared some best practises.

If you are currently looking at Microsoft Viva and how this employee experience platform (EXP) can bring value to your organisation then this is an episode that will bring you a stack of value. It will also provide some valuable best practise advise.

Some of the main topics we will be covering in this episode are:

  • How Microsoft Viva Connections is becoming the next generation Intranet
  • Microsoft Viva – The Business Graph
  • Dux’s favourite Cartoon Character 😜
  • Best practises in planning the rollout of Microsoft Viva

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