On this weeks episode I had with me Alexander Eggers.

Some key topics we covered that I know will bring you value were:

  • Best practises on Team architecture – One of the most common problems with Microsoft team introductions is the wild growth: Too many people create too many teams and channels
  • When to create a new Channel vs a new Team
  • Private Channel or New Team
  • Group Chat or Team
  • 5 biggest mistakes in Microsoft Teams adoption
  • Why getting buy in from the top is so important

Alexander’s vision is that he can make people work better through technology.

He loves standing on the stage and this gives so much energy to him. His passion is interacting with people and sharing knowledge.

In his role as head of an IT company with almost 50 employees, he knows procedures and processes. This helps him with the adoption of Office365 and in particular of Microsoft teams.

Alexendar has developed adoption workshops for the SMB market and can look back on many successful projects since 2017, the birth of MS Teams.

Alexander is also a speaker at various events. These include Microsoft events, cloud forums or Virtual Summits.

Since 2020 he has held the Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services.

Connect with Alexander:

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