Using Metadata in a SharePoint Document Library from within Microsoft Teams

One of the drawbacks you could say with the Files Tab implementation in Microsoft Teams is that for astute SharePoint users who have beautifully crafted their library with Site Columns and meta data lose that when working in Teams.

Take for instance a Team that looks after the companies contracts, and have a Contract Centre (Document Library) with a well thought out and implemented meta data structure. They have a Microsoft Team where they have reduced their email communication between the team and now use Teams as their main form of communication. But they have to jump from the Teams User Interface to the SharePoint interface to interact with the Contract Centre Library to use and change the meta data. Did you know that you can make the meta data and site columns available from within Microsoft Teams? Let’s have a look at how to achieve this.

So from with a Teams Channel add a tab and select the pink tile that says Website.

Now open the Contract Centre Library, or any library for that matter and copy the URL of the library and jump back into Teams and give the tab a name and paste the URL of the library (must have the page name included ie: AllItems.aspx).

What we have now is a tab in Teams with the Document Library embedded !!!. Full functionality as well. If you look at the action bar we have the same experience as we would if we were in SharePoint. You can even filter and change views.

Select a document and hit the info icon and the properties pane appears also.

This is brilliant for User Adoption, and really does mean that we can use Microsoft Teams as “The Hub” for your Team !!!

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  • S MacLaren says:

    Agreed, Daniel. Nice summary. Thank you, and for any contribution you have been making to the MS Teams integration effort. It is a great tool and I am sure will get better and better. We have wanted something like Teams for years, and with Office 365 this is greatly accelerating cross-team, and cross-departmental working. 😉

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